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ICC rejects ball-tampering investigation against Kohli

DUBAI: The International Cricket Council on Tuesday rejected a ball-tampering investigation against Indian skipper Virat Kohli.
The ICC said the video of Kohli from the Rajkot test was nine days old and thus action could not be taken on it.
Footage emerged of India captain Virat Kohli appearing to shine the cricket ball using saliva from a sweet in his mouth during the first Test against England which resulted in a draw, the Daily Mail reported.
A series of pictures show Kohli rubbing the ball using residue from what appeared to be a sweet.
Earlier today (Tuesday), South Africa captain Faf du Plessis was charged with ball-tampering during an ICC hearing of a similar incident which took place during the fourth day of the second Test against Australia.
Du Plessis was caught on camera applying saliva to the ball with a mint or chewing gum in his mouth. He was found guilty of ball-tampering and fined his entire match fee from the second Test against Australia in Hobart, but the South Africa captain has been cleared to play in this week´s third and final match of the series.

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