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Remembering Junaid Jamshed — the singer, the scholar, the philanthropist and Pakistan's national icon


There will be no dearth of superlatives describing the public personality that was Junaid Jamshed.
He was a man of many labels — a trendsetter, a spiritual inspiration, the centre of much media attention and never far from controversy. As the nation pays tribute to the legend who died on the way to Islamabad from Chitral in a plane crash near Havelian city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday, there is an overwhelming sense of the loss of a national icon.

How chicken tikka masala played a role in US-Pak ties

AchikentikasThe United States established diplomatic relations with Pakistan on 20 October 1947, even though it wasn’t quite sure exactly where Pakistan was. The relationship since then has been based primarily on US economic and military assistance to Pakistan which Pakistan never seems to get enough of.

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A research team solved the 1,000-year-old mystery of the Druze people’s origin – with a genetic GPS

By Eran Elhaik 
For a thousand years, the mysterious origin of the Druze people – who live almost exclusively in the mountains of Syria, Lebanon and Israel – has captivated linguists, historians, and sociologists, who have not been able to agree whether the Druze are of Arabian, Turkish, Caucasus or Persian origin. But thanks to our new research that mystery may now have been solved, with the use of a genetic GPS system – that works in a similar way to the Sat Nav in your car.

These Plucky Afghan Women Share A Taste Of Their Land

AafghanwomennBy ADITI BHADURI

All the time she kept house in Herat, Anwara (name changed) did not know that one day she would long for the city and its salubrious climate. When Mariam ran, blinded with tears and blood, into a stranger's home in Kabul to escape the Taliban soldiers, she did not imagine that one day she would be walking the streets where no one cared if she even covered her hair.

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Syria's last weavers abandon looms without thread

AsyrianweaverWith the deftness of decades of experience, Abu Mohammad wove thick green thread with a wooden loom in northwest Syria, creating a vibrant geometric pattern renowned among Arabic textiles.

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Hijab and fashion

AHijab fashion casual3By RAFIA ZAKARIA

A LITTLE over a month ago, history was made at the New York Fashion Week. An Indonesian fashion designer named Anniesa Hasibuan became the first Indonesian designer invited to participate in the event. Hasibuan also made history of a different sort: her designs were the first in the history of the New York Fashion Week to feature the hijab.

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Made in China: How Chinese businesses evolved from imitation to innovation

AchinabusinessBy Bruce McKern

Most of us use products made in China every day and are aware of its growing economic power as a factory to the world. But China intends to become a developed nation by mid-century and integral to this ambition is its intense focus on innovation.

In a very few decades, Chinese companies had evolved from imitators to imaginative and effective innovators.

Iraqis are world's most generous to strangers: global survey


By Matthew Ponsford
LONDON : - Although torn by civil war, Iraq is the world's most generous country towards strangers in need, according to a new global index of charitable giving.
Eighty one percent of Iraqis reported helping someone they didn't know in the previous month, in a global poll commissioned by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

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Battle for Mosul: Why Turkey Is Bombing Anti-ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Syria

Aturkey fires at SyriaBy BILL NEELY
Turkey is a NATO partner that stands with U.S. troops on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, but it's an ally that's increasingly turning its guns on fighters the U.S. sees as vital to crushing ISIS.
On Wednesday, Turkey launched one of its biggest airstrikes in decades — bombing 18 positions in northern Syria and killing an estimated 200 fighters.

Western journalists build careers in Palestine - and then leave us in the dust

By Mariam Barghouti
These days, there are far fewer internationals on the streets of Ramallah compared to the influx of foreigners, namely journalists, that came last October during the escalation of violence.
"We aren't newsworthy these days," a friend jests. We both burst into cynical laughter.
Our observations, however, also provoked a reflection on international journalists. After years of engaging with them, the fact that many visiting amateur writers have gone on to build careers after covering the Palestinian milieu warrants a necessary critique.

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