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Position Description: TRANS ASIA NEWS is seeking a real-time news editor. The right candidate must have sufficient editing or reporting experience, excellent news judgment, a strong understanding of online readership, and an ability to edit cleanly and present news in an engaging way.

Candidate would need to plan, coordinate content and pictures via news agencies, internet & PR agencies.


Job Title :  COPY TASTER 

Profile: Must be an avid reader and interested in whats happening around the world and what is important to our readers. 

Someone who can spot the interesting story and instinctively knows the importance of different stories.

Must be well versed in international news and not just the news in his/her home country. 

Must be well versed in entertainment and sports as in politics. 

Required Qualifications Also must have excellent internet search skills and be adept at searching all the wires. 

A copy taster must have at least three years experience as a News Editor and must also be able to edit copy to make it crackle.

We need atleast two. One for each shift.


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