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2nd Annual Global Convention of Entrepreneur Cafe Concludes

Annual General Convention 2016 - Entrepreneur Cafe


TRANS ASIA NEWS BANGALORE: Close to 300 entrepreneurs from India, Canada, Australia, Morocco and other parts of the world brainstormed for 24hours nonstop starting at 1 pm on Saturday to Sunday on entrepreneurship, competitiveness and empowerment.

A confluence of veterans in the industry as well as under 25-year olds interacted on wide ranging issues such as content and marketing: hacks on creating content, branding, ecosystem enablers in global world, innovation & design thinking.

Speaking at the inaugural session, J Satyanarayana, Chairman, Aadhaar, Govt of India said that one needs to relook at conventional ways of doing business and start with basic science and also include the arts component for example Economics to create a new business model. Science & Economics with R&D would lead to new technologies. On the question of enterprise structure was still relevant today? He says it is relevant but not through a built monolithic structure. There is a need for interoperability and reuse through micro services and apps.

Satya, head, Startup cell, Govt of Karnataka said that they encourage students and fund tech-based startups. Industry readiness is required at college level.

Annual General Convention 2016 - Entrepreneur Cafe


Private sector led incubator at Bengaluru airport

Budding entrepreneurs in India have something to look forward to as the first private sector led incubator would become a reality at Bengaluru airport informed Nirankar Saxena, senior director, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Nirankar Saxena said, “One billion dollar is the economic output from the programme. Millennium Alliance set up an incubator Xlr 8 with AP government four months ago in Tirupati along with collaboration with University of Texas. The new batch is starting from January.

The Indo-US Technology Forum and the Department of Science & Technology, GoI have been supporting startups.

Annual General Convention 2016 - Entrepreneur Cafe


Oxygen for entrepreneurs

What a startup would learn in eight months he would now be able to in three days flat. Thanks to FICCI Oxygen a 3-day intensive programme that helps entrepreneurs analyse their idea. Vishal Khanna, Senior Assistant, director, FICCI said, “A complete analysis of finance and investments, growth hacks, digital & offline, marketing, IP issues, competition, team building and current market scenarios would all be looked into and hand-holding would be done.” He further added, “The idea is to be ready for the target customer in three days flat.”

Veteran entrepreneurs share their success

Successful entrepreneurs such as Dr A Velumani, founder & MD, Thyrocare Technologies and Ullas Kamath, MD & CFO, Jyothi Laboratories shared the core values of their respective companies. While the former built a Rs 3,600 crore health diagnostics empire, the latter with 39 factories in 17 locations across the country with a market share of 76 per cent shared that it was the employees welfare alone that played a major part in the rise of the company.

Bringing “Haven On Earth” To The Entrepreneurial Map Of The World

Startup Kashmir Team at Entrepreneur Cafe



Entrepreneur Café in association with Startup Kashmir held a panel discussion on “Bringing Kashmir “Haven On Earth” To The Entrepreneurial Map Of The World”. Panel was attended by Shahid Ansari - Founder Startup Kashmir, Khair ull Nissa - Executive Director World Trade Center, Nagaraja Praksham - Partner Acumen Fund, Angel Investor & Founding Angel, IAN Impact, Rakesh Mishra - Co-Founder Excubator, Rajiv Mukherjee - CEO Incubate Hub, Asif Iqbal - President Indian Economic Trade Organisation

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